Commercial Agreements

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Commercial Agreements

We help negotiate your most important agreements

We have significant experience negotiating complex commercial agreements, including technology and content license agreements, talent agreements, joint-venture agreements, purchase agreements, supply agreements, and master service agreements.

We have experience negotiating against the largest and most successful companies in the world, including Disney, Viacom, Hanes, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Bros, and Samsung.

We are able to lend our business expertise to help craft the deal from day 1 or execute against a term sheet you have already negotiated.  We move quickly by focusing on the deal points that matter to our clients.

We are also able to review existing contracts to help determine your rights and remedies in the event of  a dispute.


Representative Transactions

License and Co-brand Agreement between Major Retailer and Major Hollywood Rights Owner 
  • Under the agreement, Retailer has a global license to Rights Owner’s image library to sell branded products or create co-branded products with Retailer-owned brands.
  • Retailercan also sub-license to individual content creators to create new derivative works.
  • Key issues included: (i) ownership of derivative works; (ii) responsibility for IP infringement; and (iii) tracking and auditing of royalty payments.
 Joint Development Agreement between major retailer and major eye wear manufacturer.  
  • Under the agreement, Retailer and Eye Wear Manufacturer co-developed a virtual try-on feature for brand’s sunglasses catalog.
  • Key issues included: (i) ownership and usage of joint-development work product outside of the relationship; (ii) compensation for development milestones; and (iii) payment schedule if the technology was not developed or milestones missed.
Joint Development Agreement for Automated Manufacturing System for Custom Clothing
  • Under the agreement, a confidential startup developed an automated production system to sew custom clothing with measurements derived from a camera phone.
  • Key issues included: (i) ownership and license of technology developed; (ii) payment based on KPIs; and (iii) warrant to purchase shares based on sales milestones.
Production Agreement for TV Show with Name Brand Talent 
  • Represented a major fashion retailer to negotiate a production agreement with a prominent entertainment studio and talent agency.
  • Studio agreed to: (i) produce and record a first-of-its-kind streamed fashion show live from New York Fashion Week; and (ii) recruit luxury brands and top tier talent for the show.
  • Key issues included: (i) ownership and license rights of the content; (ii) responsibility for for talent and brand negotiations; (iii) payment for key milestones if the show was not eventually produced; and (iv) variable compensation for talent and brands based on different benchmarks including online sales.
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