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Alykhan Sunderji discusses Seattle Startup Scene with Puget Sound Business Journal

Puget Sound Business Journal and Alykhan Sunderji discuss Seattle Startup Scene On July 12, 2022, Alykhan Sunderji sat down with the Puget Sound Business Journal to discuss the strengths he sees in the regional startup market. You can read the article here. Main Takeaways Be a Shark In the downturns, the sharks survive. Former In-House Counsel have a Unique Offering While there are many good law firms in Seattle, former in-house counsel understand that even…

Alykhan Sunderji discusses “Buy Now Pay Later” with trade publication Finance Magnates

Alykhan Sunderji discusses Buy Now Pay Later with Finance Magnates In a recent edition of Finance Magnates, Alykhan Sunderji gave his insights on the Buy Now Pay Later space, specifically whether Apple’s entry would hurt existing market participants.  Alykhan previously led the legal team for Amazon Pay, and Sunder Legal supports a number of startups in the consumer spending space. A compelling experience, but competitors (and regulators) still have a chance In his comments, Alykhan…
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How to choose the right business structure for your startup or business?

Starting a business in Washington State The right structure for your business depends on a number of factors that you may need to discuss with your attorney and tax advisor.  Below, we’ve provided information on the four main ways to operate a business: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability (LLC), and Corporation (Corp). As a rule of thumb (and again – you should obtain legal advice for your own circumstance): Startups that plan to raise equity…
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Does Washington’s law against non-compete agreements apply to stockholders?

Non-compete agreements between employers and employees are prohibited in Washington except under certain earning thresholds.  These thresholds are established in RCW 49.62.020 (for employees) and RCW 49.62.030 (for independent contractors). Employees – must earn more than $100,000 Contractors – must earn more than $250,000 However, unlike in other jurisdictions that have prohibited non-compete agreements more broadly (California), Washington law permits non-compete agreements when related to purchasing or divesting an ownership interest.  RCW 49.62 clarifies: A…

Alykhan Sunderji presents to Advancement Coaching on legal issues to consider when starting a business

On January 9, 2022, Alykhan Sunderji presented to Advancement Coaching on the various legal issues one should consider when starting a business.  It was co-presented with Youyri Akopyan CPA.  Advancement Coaching is the premiere school for professional coaching in the United States.  Alykhan addressed the following topics in the context of the professional coaching industry, which you can review in more depth in the attached pdf. Forming a legal entity to limit liability Considerations when…
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Alykhan Sunderji presents to China National Intellectual Property Administration on Brand Registry

On December 8, 2021, Alykhan Sunderji presented to the China National Intellectual Property Administration – the Chinese equivalent of the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Alykhan spoke to Amazon’s proactive, pro-customer, and pro-brand approach to IP infringement. You can find a copy of the presentation here. The presentation covered the following topics: Impact of Infringement on customers and brands.  Specifically, that customers prefer to purchase authentic products and brands don’t want their products showcased in…
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What is an S-corporation and how does it help reduce tax liability?

This article explains how “S-corp” tax status could reduce tax liability for self-employed consultants, professionals, and other freelancers. What is an S-Corp? How is it related to LLCs and Corporations? Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Corporations (C-Corps) are types of business entities that are formed at the state level. The terms “S-corporation” and “S-corp”  are short hand for a special tax treatment those entities can request from the IRS. Company founders does not form an…
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Can my business partner force me to sell or push me out of the company?

Can my business partner force me to sell or push me out of the company? When partners start a business, many fail to consider what will happen if there is some sort of fracture in the relationship. We’ve seen many clients ask what they can do – or what might happen to them – when they and their partners or investors are no longer aligned. This highlights the importance of the agreements that govern the…
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