Fees and pricing are simple at Sunder Legal.  Our mental model is based on our time as in-house counsel.  We know business owners want predictability in pricing and value for their investment. We provide fixed pricing for our startup packages and no-conflict trademark registration. When you contact us for a consultation for other legal services, we will provide an estimated fee based on the complexity of the legal issues.

We typically bill at $500 an hour for lawyer services and $200 for paralegal services. We believe in providing prompt, high-quality services that our clients consider a good investment.

Startup Formation Packages

We have flat fees for Startup Formation Packages. 

We also provide flat fees for common startup documentation like:

  1. Contractor Agreements that protect your IP
  2. NDAs to protect your confidential information
  3. Restricted Stock Grants and Purchase Agreements for early employees
  4. Equity Incentive Plans for startups who want a formal mechanism to grant equity to employees, advisors, and contractors
  5. Customer Agreements that limit your liability and make sure your startup gets paid
  6. Common Board and Shareholder Actions like updating by-laws or adopting a new certificate of incorporation
  7. A corporate housekeeping checkup to make sure all your books are in order.

About Alykhan

Find out more about our founder and how he can assist you in being prepared for an ever-changing business landscape.

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