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Purchase and Sale

We help buy and sell businesses

We have extensive experience advising clients on buying and selling businesses, from the perspective of former private equity professionals.  We can assist with structuring the transaction – for example, whether to sell the assets of the company or the ownership interest.  We assist clients with term sheets, due diligence, and final transaction documents.

We also regularly assist clients with sales of majority and minority interests, including operating/shareholder agreements that govern each shareholder’s rights.

We can help with the following steps for your significant corporate transaction:

  • Negotiate term sheet and transaction documents (e.g asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement, merger agreement, shareholder agreement)
  • Conduct due diligence and identify key risks
  • Prepare corporate approvals and guide your board and investors through the process

Representative Transactions

We have over a decade of experience representing clients in corporate transactions.  We represent clients of all sizes and have helped clients close over $1bn in transactions. Our current practice focuses on transactions from $500k-$20mm.

  • Represented the maker of an activity tracker in its $5mm Series A Preferred offering (pending closing)
  • Represented the developer of stealth social media app in its $1mm SAFE investment from an angel investor
  • Represented a prominent retailer in its purchase of $20mm in warrants from a specialty manufacturer and supplier (in addition to the supply agreement)
  • Represented a private equity buyer in its purchase of a regional chain of addiction treatment centers for $60mm
  • Represented a private equity buyer in its purchase of Great Wolf Lodge Resorts for $703mm
  • Represented a private equity seller in its sale of a regional pharmacy chain to Walgreen’s Inc. for $1.07bn.
The Process

How much will this cost?

It depends on the business. Once we have a better understanding of your particular transaction, we can provide a thoughtful estimate. For a straightforward sale of a small business, fees can start at $10,000.

What is the legal work involved?

In addition to key transaction documents (e.g., asset purchase agreement or stock purchase agreement) we will also assist with lease assignments, consulting agreements, employment agreements, loan agreements, and any necessary corporate filings. We will also help identify and mitigate any risks in the purchase. Most importantly, we will help ensure there are no surprises in your transaction and that you have negotiated a fair deal.

How much time does it take?

Deals happen quickly when the parties are motivated to deal.

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