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Navigating Merger Deals in Economic Uncertainty

Alykhan Sunderji

Seattle Business Lawyer

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Alykhan Sunderji writes for Bloomberg Law about Business Acquisitions in times of economic uncertainty

In his recent article for Bloomberg Law, Alykhan Sunderji, the founder of Sunder Legal, recently published an article for Bloomberg Law regarding common pitfalls to be avoided in acquisition agreements. As economic conditions become increasingly uncertain, clients have been engaging us to renegotiate or seek redress under previously negotiated acquisition agreements. We want to ensure that our clients are aware of these potential issues so that they can avoid them.

If the link is pay-walled, you can download a PDF on the right.

The article outlines the most common concerns we have identified when working with clients who have buyer’s remorse and how to avoid them. These concerns include limited due diligence, insufficient representations and warranties, practical limitations on remedies, and forgetting the requirements of the Small Business Administration or other lenders. By addressing these concerns, buyers and sellers can structure their transactions in a way that reduces risk and ensures that both parties are protected.

We believe that it is essential for clients to engage specialized M&A counsel to avoid these pitfalls and reduce overall legal costs associated with buyout transactions. At Sunder Legal, we have extensive experience in assisting clients with their M&A needs and can provide the expertise necessary to ensure a successful acquisition.

We encourage our clients to read the full article to gain a better understanding of these concerns and how they can be addressed. Our team is available to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your acquisition agreements.

Thank you for choosing Sunder Legal for your legal needs. We look forward to continuing to provide the high-quality service that our clients have come to expect from us.

Bloomberg has a paywall. If you do not have access you can download a pdf of the article.text

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