Alykhan Sunderji discusses Seattle Startup Scene with Puget Sound Business Journal

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Puget Sound Business Journal and Alykhan Sunderji discuss Seattle Startup Scene

On July 12, 2022, Alykhan Sunderji sat down with the Puget Sound Business Journal to discuss the strengths he sees in the regional startup market.

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Main Takeaways

Be a Shark

In the downturns, the sharks survive.

Former In-House Counsel have a Unique Offering

While there are many good law firms in Seattle, former in-house counsel understand that even the most well funded businesses need to prioritize and focus their limited resources on the most pressing issues – including legal.  Not all legal issues rise to the same importance.  Understanding the law is table stakes.

Businesses Need to Pivot when Reality Changes

Clients with strong cash positions are turning to M&A.  A startup that once would have raised money might now sell itself.  And just like our practice has adapted to these new types of deals, our clients have to adapt if their customers’ preferences change.

The Market is only one Datapoint

The Amazon way to negotiate – market is definitely a data point to consider, but no client should get so focused on what is market that they ignore what is best for them as a business and as a company.

The Seattle Market is Unique

Many startup founders start a business because they want to hit it big, they want to win the lottery. That requires a fund raise. Many of our clients joined AMZN or MSFT when stock prices were much lower – they have already won the lottery.  They are more interested in starting businesses that generate significant cash flow and make them money personally.  Yes – Seattle still has a vibrant market that need outside money – but with so many founders coming from tech titans,  the ecosystem is different, because you have these folks who have so much more resources that they can focus on the long term and building their business versus trying to raise money from venture capital.

Bet on Yourself

if your boss or your manager thought that you were worth $400,000 or $500,000 to the company, imagine what you can get working for yourself. If they think they can get that value out of you, you working for yourself can absolutely get that value, plus more. And that is what I see consistently, that when people bet on themselves, they do better than when an Amazon or a Microsoft or a Blue Origin bets on them.

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